Friday, March 6, 2009

The Nursery

First- here are some pics of the cutest little "cookers" in the world! Yes- chef's in my house are known as cookers! And no- we are not afraid of pink!

Monkey Do with his sister, cooking mommy some lunch!

Monkey See gettig in on the fun too!

See, aren't they just the cutest little things! I could squeeze the stuffing out of the half the time- they are just sooo cute!

Well, here are some much anticipated pics of the new nursery.. several coats of paint later! Poor Hubby has been the BEST through it all! Let me just say- it still isn't finished. I have a few things left to do. I still need to cover the chair and I have the babies names I need to add to the wall- I'm just trying to figure out the best place for them.
The walls are Khaki with pink and blue polka dots. The furniture is white and we have accented everything with those 4 colors. The art work is from Puddin's nursery when she was itty-bitty. It's from the children's book Guess How Much I love You. The colors just worked with what we were doing so rather than re-invent the wheel- we went with what we already had. I think it turned out really well.

This is the view from the door...

Daisy's crib...

Bud's crib...

The changing table... this still needs something... I'm just not sure what yet!

This is the rocking/feeding area. Notice the art work and that is the chair I still need to recover.

The armoire... the outifts hanging on the bottom are the ones the babies wil lwear home from the hospital.

Inside the room looking out- view of the closet door.


Melanie said...

Its beautiful, Melissa! And it makes me sad because I won't get to decorate a nursery again.

Oh, and yes, those are some adorable cookers!

Katie said...

It is adorable! You did a great job!

Helen said...

Your nursery is gorgeous. Would you mind if I include it in the gallery on my website?
I would love for my readers to see it.
Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.