Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting back to it.

So, part of the lack of posting over the past few weeks has been because of this sweet face.
We have been counting down the days to kindergarten.

Yep, the time has come. HOW did that happen?? It seems like I was just cradling my little Puddin and now- she's off to kindergarten!  

So, this summer we have had lots of summer fun, but I have also been intentional on keeping a low profile and just soaking up my little Puddin. She is so ready for kindergarten, she is definitely going to love it! We are super excited about her teacher and we just know it's goingt o be a good year.
On the way in today to meet her teacher she said, "Mommy, you know my preschool teachers really loved me- they still do. And I just bet my new kindergarten teacher is gonna love me just like they did, too!" <3

So, I am working on getting a routine going, bear with me. While I have tried to keep a low profile this summer and soak up my kiddos, we have also had a very eventful summer! My camera is about to burst it's so full of pictures! So, I will be updating very soon.
Until then, have a happy day!

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