Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random thoughts

1. I started the letsgetupearlyforkindergatren routine today. At 6:30 am. ugh. it's been a mighty long day.

2. trying to fix this crazy back to school schedule for 7 people is hard.

3. kidergarten nerves have set in.... for the monkey brothers. I think it's more like seperation anxiety.

4. may have to leave bsf this year. See #2 above. bummer

5. missing my bestie... bad

6. had to buy another stroller....geeez.

7. I have a swagger wagon!!! yippeeee!!

8. been praying a lot.

9.sabra hummus us better than homemade... just my opinion.

10. my kids ate 13 eggs this morning! mercy!

11. I BIG PUFFY HEART skype!

12. that's all for now.

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