Friday, August 26, 2011

Virtual Yard Sale- Girls

ok- I have removed the items that have been paid for, hoping it will make it easier for you to shop. Some things I had leave posted becuase either they have not been paid for yet or the picture was taken with another item that has not been purchased.
I plan to pack it all up and take it to consignment or back to the attic on Monday so this weekend will be last call!
Please tell your friends and neighbors to come and shop! I would love for all of this stuff to find new homes!
Thanks so much!!

* Udate-Update** The new listings start at #60. I will NOT be able to get invoices out tonight but I will tomorrow, probably around naptime. If you could please pay those through paypal that would be great! For those of you coming to pick up, I will be home everyday this week after 3:30. (thanks kindergarten! ha!) If I am shipping your items, please include your shipping address so I know where to send it and how much to calculate for your shipping costs.
THANKS SO MUCH! Y'all have been awesome!

**UPDATE... I found a few things in the dryer! HA! I will add them when I add the shoes. (A couple of dresses in there too!)

Ok, here are the girl items that I still have available. Many of  you have requested 2T and 3T but my little Daisy is still in those sizes too. So I pulled some of the things that she had duplicates of (yes, duplicates) and some of the things that don't coordinate w/ her brothers or sisters (yes, I still make them "match"- but really, they like it!).
Feel free to tell your friends and neighbors! I want to take back my closets and attic space!!!  I'm not sure how long I will leave this and the boy sale up, but I will let you know... I'm thinkig a few days and then we are off to the consignment stores and goodwill with what's left.

As for Pj's. I didn't list them because there are just too many. I donated a tub of newborn/baby gowns and sleepers to a ministry with our church last week so most of what I have in sleepers is 12m and up. If you are interested in those let me know and I will try and do a sperate email for that.

If you are new here, Welcome! I'm so happy to have you shopping!!! Below are the "game rules"... ha!
I hope everyone finds something for their little ones!
Here's how to play:
1.If you see something you like, leave a comment with sold, the # and your email.
2. I will send you an invoice and we can clean out my closets!! YAY!!!
3. If you are local and prefer to pick up rather than have me ship, just let me know and we can make those arrangements.
4. As far as shipping goes, I will try to package the items in brown envelopes and ship that way (typically cheaper) so it shouldn't be more than a couple of dollars.
5. Only mark it sold if you really want it! If you decide to pick up, I will need all items picked up with in 1 week.
6. If this works out then I will also do this for spring items too!

Also, I have checked and rechecked and checked again for spots or problems with all of the items listed. The only things I have listed that have "problems"  are some of the shoes with scuff marks. I don't mindmy girls wearing shoes like that for play time outside or on playgrounds so i went ahead and kept them and they are listed at a very fair price.

Finally, Bishop dresses, (a big favorite of mine and my girls wear them alot!), are typically pretty expensive (anywhere from $45-$85/dress) due the the smocking on them as well as the long wear you can get out of them. They are usually oversized and are a classic "grow with me" dress. So, most of the time you can get a couple of years wear out of them. Daisy still have a couple 18m bishops that she is wearing and Puddin has some that are 4T's that she can still wear. So, they are priced a little higher than most dresses, but you will find that with most of my boutique stuff.

here we go...

 4. Carter's teddy bear coat
24 mo.
snuggly and warm... not bulky

 5.12-18 mo. Esprit Overalls

 6. 18 mo.
Royal Child Bishop
short sleeve
red cord with brown velvet details
beautifully hand smocked with velevet ribbon and rosettes

 7. 18-24mo.
Gymboree "Hot Dog" set
Navy dress w/ hot dog embroidery
pink leggings with matching print

 12. 2T
cute "cowgirl"dress with fringe on sides/ bottom
Cute to wear everyday or it woudl make a great dress for Halloween!

 13. 24 mo.
Funtasia Bubble
comes with 2 belts for different looks
red/green Christmas plaid
worn 1x

 18. 2T
LeTop boutique brand
light green tiered dress w/ pink horse galoping on the bodice.
Silver buttons across the front 
includes matching tights

 19. 9 mo.
petite ami brand
reindeer 2 piece lounger set.
very soft cotten and very comfy.
runs a little small (in my opinion)
$5.00 ( a bargain for sure!)

 20. 2T
LeTop boutique brand
blue/ brown cord, teried puppy dog print dress with brown velvet collar.
ruffles and velvet detailing.
very, very cute!
 23. 3T
Old Navy pink cord dress
pretty detailed floral snaps down the front *
really cute with leggings underneath
*Puddin wore this when she was in moms day out and after her teachers informed m
e that she had lots of fun one day "flashing" her little friends by ripping open her dress (aghh!)
I went home and sewed a straight stictch down the front of the dress.
It isn't noticable at all but only the top 3 snaps come undone now.

24. 24 mo.
Genuine Kids brand form Target last fall.
ADORABLE dress- looks great in pictures too.
very, very cute!
Looks great alone or with tights, leggings and a sweater.
Very versatile!
 26. 18mo.
2 piece red velvet set
"I am a GIFT of GOD" embroidery
Very cute at Christmas!

 30. 9m.
LeTop boutique brand
Rust colored horse dress
cotton with snap closures
includes tights

 31. 3-6 mo
Hartstrings brand
zipper front, hooded sweater
aqua w/ pink, brown crem details

 32. 2T
Funtasia Brand
2 piece set
red/blue with horsie appliques
 34. 2T
Wee Winter Woolies
Christmas dress with monogram
(I know this seriously limits potential customers but maybe there is someone who can use it ? I have also seen people put a patch with their monogram over the top.

35. 24mo.
Aqua romper
Carter's brand

37. 3-6 mo.
Green disney sweater w/ hat

38. 6 mo
fleece "love" top w/pom-pom trim
 heart leggings
40. 12m.
Royal Child Smocked Bishop dress
tan cord w/ Christmas tree smocking on the front
green piping on the sleeves

41. 18mo.
Lavendar Blue dress coat in soft pink
hand embroidered rosetts on the top
very nice
light weight

42. 18mo
Little Me red quilted jacket with mittens
Looks new
very nice

43. 24mo.
New Potatoes Brand
Pink cow jacket
very cute and comfy
cows are pockets
44. 18-24 mo
The Children's Place Reindeer hat
gender neutral
very, very cute

45. 2T
Hartstrings Sweater
super cute and versatile
48. 18-24m
cream velvet pants w/ satin bow

50. 2t
Old Navy zip pull sweater w/ hood

53. 12 mo.
Osh Kosh Christmas Angel sweater
never worn

57. turquoise turtleneck

59. 2T
Sweet Potatoes Velvet Kitty Suit

 61. 2T
Christmas Overalls
the reindeer ont he front is removable (he pins on)
These would alo be cute monogrammed

62. 12mo.
Osh Kosh set
Christmas bird tee with red velour pants
cute and casual

63. size 4
Lamour furry red leather boots
soft sole

64. 12-18 mo.
Robeez Cream leather boots with furry lining
soft sole

65. size 4
Wee Squeak's
good condition except for the scuffs shown on the front.
yes, they still squeak!!
Fun shoes for playtime!

 67. 6-12mo.
Pink Leather Robeez
soft sole
excellent condition

 68. size 8
suede, brown, fringe, ankle boots
really cute on.
very good condition, only worn a handful of times (fat feet)
 70. size 6
pink rain boots w/ brown trim

 71. size 6
black sparkly circo (target) shoes.
A kiddie favorite!
still in very good condition
 72. Size 6
black leather "Mary Janes"... a mommy favorite!
cherokee brand (also target)
slight scuff marks on the front of the left shoe
 73. 6 1/2 wide
stride right
great shoes!
few scuffs on the toe but still in good condition
74. size 5 1/2
Willits brown leather shoe
soles are great but they do have some scuffs on the toes.
a really great, sturdy shoe



Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

Sold #2

Blessed Bentons said...

SOLD #3, 11, 14, 15, 21, 27, 42


You know my email! :) I'll be happy to pick up!

Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

Sold- 34, 41, 39, 36 & 48

Anonymous said...

1,28,46 Tracie Frank

Jennifer Logan said...

I would love any size 6 or 7 shoes!
Jennifer Logan

Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

Heather Patrick Rodgers If it's not already gone, I want #45 - Christmas sweater and ruffle skirt
21 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

Anonymous said...

Will you be doing this with your boys' clothing? This is kinda fun.
Carolyn E. Tupelo, MS

Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

Hi Carolyn E., The boys listing is in the post right before the girls. :)

Heather Rodgers said...

Hey Melissa,

I'd also like #60 - the blue snowman dress. I'll send you an e-mail tonight about setting up a new pick-up time.
Heather Rodgers