Thursday, August 11, 2011

Got OJ

Baby girl has been running a fever for the past couple of days, nothing serious, just a virus. But, the virus has apparently made her feel the need to be attached to my hip and only my hip. No other hip will do. While it has caused some serious juggling (to say the least) I have enjoyed a little more cuddle time with my little independent baby girl.

Since she hasn't been feeling well and I am feeling the sudden urge to save all of their immunity systems from whatever virus she is fighting, I decided we needed some OJ (the fresh squeezed kind). Problem was, I didn't have the ingredients.... you know, oranges.

Being the problem solver that I am, I loaded the children up and we went to the grocery store to get some. For the most part, it was one of our most successful shopping trips. No tantrums or clean ups necessary.
However, if you race across the parking to ask me if all these young'uns are mine,
and you happen to be dentally challenged,
and you are a "grown up daddy",
then, do not be surprised when an unnamed Monkey is surprised by the lack of teeth and asks you about your recent visits from the tooth fairy and how much money you got.
uh humm.

Back to the story. Yes, we got our oranges and proceeded to add freshly squeezed OJ to the lunch menu today. We have a juicer, courtesy of craigslist, and it's great! Yes, it's kind of a pain to clean all of the parts but it does the job so quickly and, even better, it just happens to be the secret to maintaining a quiet atmosphere at lunch around our house!

You could hear a pin drop, seriously.

And even better.... it leaves the best OJ mustaches ever!
See for yourselves!

Bud's reaction was just too adorable! He's very sensitive to, well, pretty much everything these days so I wasn't sure how he would react. I love this little stinker!
 Happy to be using a big boy cup 

 Thinking about it....

 savoring the taste...

He like it, he really likes it!!

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