Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 4th birthday

A couple of weeks ago my precious baby boys turned 4. Wow. That doesn't seem possible,
Together or separate they are the most charming, delightful, loving, funny, affectionate, sweet, kind and adorable little boys! They make their momma proud every single day.

So, here is the run down of the party. We went a little different route this year. Years past have included a Monkey party, a Barnyard bash and an Airplane party. This year my little guys were begging for a  SUPERHERO party! While I knew it would be cute and lots of fun, I also knew it would be super hot and little boys in full superhero attire in my backyard would be miserable.

A compromise was in order.
I found a delightful amusement park that is fairly close to our home. While my boys, or any of my children for that matter, have never been to an amusement park, it only took 1 visit to their website and they were hooked! But just to sweeten the deal, I offered us to stay an extra day so they could stay in a hotel (a definite crowd pleas-er) so they could swim at the pool and jump on the beds. :)

It was settled. We would go to Lake Winnie the weekend before their birthday and the actual day of their birthday we would have a family party.

We were all so excited!!!

Then our lovely van had some issues and died the morning we were supposed to leave. Don't you just love it when God does something like save you from being stranded on the other side of a mountain, on the side of an interstate with 5 small children in late July heat?! I know I do.

Needless to say, our plans were cancelled   postponed, until our transportation situation could be worked out. Now that "situation" requires a blog post all on it's own. I'll be sharing that soon.
Needless to say, God once again provided and all is good. really good!

back to the party

So, the kiddos were all pretty understanding and we moved on, knowing that we would be going, just not as we had originally planned. So instead we went ahead and prepared for our family party. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. My mother's thumb is acting up and it's a bear to type.

here we have a little fun with the pinata....I have no idea where Bud's pants are....
 Then we moved on to opening the presents. Yes, Monkey see got his "frum set and frum sticks"
Super hero power!!! They are so, so happy in these pictures!!

 Finally, they recived new bicycle helmets and pads for their bikes. They are actually girl princess bikes that our neighbors gave us for the kids to ride around on and since the boys didnt have a bike they claimed them for their own. However, little did they know that Papa and Nana got them new bikes to go along with their helmets! they didnt even see the bikes when they went out to the garage. I think Daisy had to point them out!

And away they go!

Finally, we moved back in for cake and ice cream.

 Monkey Do blowing out his candles
 Monkey See's turn!
 And we ended with a little music!
 Happy birthday to my precious boys!

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