Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 weeks

Wow! has it really been 6 weeks since I last posted?
That's crazy! But, when you have nothing to do all day but sit around and eat bon-bons while your toenails dry, time just gets away from  you. ;)
Well, when we last visited, blogger was under an old format and my kiddos were just getting their summer on. I can definitely say, it is on, and in full swing

Our full swing looks a little like this:
swimming lessons, night time swims, eating our weight in popsicles, cleaning out the fresh produce from Publix (more than once), going to VBS (twice), celebrating hubby's birthday, Puddin and Daisy's dance recital, Christmas in July, making some new kindergarten friends (preparing), counting how many days until my birthday a bazillion times x2, having our first sleepover, meeting Farmer Jason (live and in person!!), going to our first surprise party, throwing a going away party, buying another stroller, going to the ER, planning another birthday, shopping at the farmer's market (always a favorite), learning patience (again and again and again), and spending as much time as possible with some very, very special people to us before a really big move. But more on that later.

So, since I deprived you for so long of the sight of my precious babes, here are some pics from our traditional FeedTheDucksBeforeSundayEveningService activity.

It seems like every where you look in our town there is some sort of development going on. new roads, buildings, backhoes, and orange cones are everywhere you look. Well, when the new hospital was built last year they added a park area across the street that included a really great duck pond. last year we visited and I think the ducks were new to the whole, people with bread crumbs thing. This year the ducks have multiplied, and man, they know what's up now! So we started saving all of our crust crumbs throughout the week and on Sunday, after we are up from our nap and before we head back to church, we grab the crumbs and head to the duck pond. It has been a huge favorite!

 There were so many ducks- it was crazy! The pond was full of goldfish and in some of the pictures you could see the gold flecks just under the surface.
 My precious Monkeys!!!
They are so close to being 4 (and thrilled about it, too!)

Daisy aka Sassy

Puddin... my almost kindergartener!
 and baby BUD!!  He has a crazy, crazy love of this red hat!
He wears it every day, all day, even to church!

 Bud thought the ducks might like a corn dog too. (gag!)
They did eat the breading but nothing else!

And finally, when we were fresh out of bread and about to head back to the van I turned around to see "BIG RED". Apparently, she had not had her fill of snacks yet and came to see what the hold up was.

At first, the kids were intimidated, but very quickly that canged, and they decided they needed to pet her. I don't think she bargained for that. They were quickly in hot pursuit! Poor Big Red, her little legs could only carry that nig body so fast! She was waddling with all of her might!

Finally, after we had the kids called off nd Big Red safely back in the water, we turned to see Big Red's Possee!
Also, VERY unafraid of us!

Big Mistake!

So there you go, just a typical Sunday afternoon around these parts!
And, btw, no ducks were harmed in this misadventure!

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