Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big Day

She made it!
What a big day for my Puddin!
She is finally an official Kindergartener and she LOVES it!
going in her new classroom to meet her teacher for the first time!
Yes, there were tears shed.
But, not by her!
She had a great time and was excited to be there. 
I was a big baby. But at least I waited to get to the van before I started crying!
It just amazes me how quickly they grow up!
One minute she has such chubby legs I wonder if she will ever learn to walk, the next minute her legs are long and lean and she leaps accross the parking lot with excitement!
It was a bittersweet day for sure.
After I picked her up the excitement was still overflowing from her!! (I LOVE that!)
She made lots of new friends and loves her teacher.
Puddin and Mrs. Seigfreid

I learned something too. While it was nice to go to school on her first day with just the two of us... it is much easier on me, emotionally, to have  the rest of the gang in tow! There is no time to get all weepy and emotional! Especially not with that happy, smiling, beautiful face looking back at me (and Bud trying to tackle the stairs by himself! ha!) 
These are some pictures from her first day....
all ready to go to her 1st day!
Puddin and Daddy
Daisy, Mommy and Puddin
on our way to the backpack and lunchbox
so excited! What a smile!
on the steps before we went inside
one final picture of Puddin and Mommy before I had to leave
Puddin at her table with her new friends in her classroom.

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