Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun times

My daddy recently had a birthday. He lives in Mississippi, so while it's not a world away, it's not next door either. Thankfully, we can make it there in about 5 hours...depending on how cooperative our littles are! So, we decided it would be fun to surprise him for his birthday. We loaded up the van and headed off one Saturday morning. Since I have lots of family in the area, we decided to visit with some of them first. So we hit Aunt Judy and Papa Hal's house first. There is always music and laughter there, which is something my kiddo's thrive on! Some cousins and Aunts stopped by for a quick afternoon visit too.
While it was a quick visit, it was sure nice to see my family.

Bud and Daisy

Aunt Judy, Papa Hal, Tim, Kelly

Bud, Daisy and Nana

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Cousin P and Bud
After we were all worn out by the Mississippi heat, and sufficiently sticky sweaty, we headed off to get a quick dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Thanks to cousin G my monkey's ended up with a face full of whipped cream. I guess in Mississippi, if it's your birthday the local "tradition" at the Mexican restaurants is to sing happy birthday to you, put a sombrero on your head, and then put a "pie" of whipped cream in your face. My monkey's did not find it amusing! poor things!

Finally, we hit our hotel for bath time (thank goodness!) I bathed the kiddos while hubby unpacked the van. We finally got everyone to sleep and we were up and at 'em no sooner than we were in dreamland!

After we were dressed and fed and repacked, we made a quick pit stop to pick up cousin G and then drove the additional 40 miles to my daddy's town. We went straight to his church, hugged on family, and waited for him to come out from Sunday school and be surprised! And he was! It was so sweet to see his face when he finally noticed the 8 of us taking up his row!
After the service we headed to my Uncle Jeff's home for lunch and his party.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite picture of the day weekend. 

Daddy blowing out his candles

Nona, Monkey See, Puddin

Uncle Jeff, Bug, Kayla, Cousin N,


Where is baby Hope?

I love my daddy and look forward to more birthday's full of surprises for him!

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