Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So long July!

Wow, what a month! We have been home bound for 95% of it, but I guess with the heat out there, that's a good thing!
Even though I was incapacitated for several weeks, I did manage to get some pictures to share. So, the next few days my posts will be of July in review! Hope that's ok with ya'll! On a side note, I'll also be firing up th eold sewing machine again in the next couple of days so if you are waiting to hear from me about an order (Stacy, Caroline, Betty and Naomi) I'll be in touch very, very soon!

Just keep in mind that in nearly all of my pictures the children are wearing pajamas and their faces are dirty. I could barely walk, much less change someone's clothes! I did have some amazing help for the first 2 weeks, but we didn't get dressed up for their arrival.

So... here's the first thing I have been wanting to share. This was a father's day gift to hubby. We also made one for my daddy, aka "Pappy". It was a fun and easy project to do. In fact, before my Nanny passed away we made one for her birthday in an accordion fold card. She loved it.

This is Hubby's hanging on my wall before I wrapped it...
It now hangs in his office.
Yes, Monkey Do is wearing his "dinner jacket" in the picture!!! ha!

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