Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Preschool 2010

Last week the kiddos started their first day of preschool. Puddin goes 4 half days a week and the Monkeys go 3 half days.

Puddin was THRILLED to be back at school and couldn't wait to get inside!
being silly

giving her brothers a hug goodbye

with her teacher Mrs. Tasha
her teacher Mrs. Karen

The next day was the boys first day of preschool. Much to my surprise, even Monkey See seemed excited! He was a little nervous and hid behind my legs for a minute or two but I really think that because they were so familiar with the environment there it made the transition easier for them.

Monkey Do and Monkey See

giving each other a hug- so sweet!

Monkey See headed straight to the tub of animals...

and Monkey Do went straight to the puzzle table.

The transition for mommy was much harder. Yes, tears were shed. By me, not my babes. I'm really not ready for them to be in preschool. I enjoy having them home with me. BUT, I think the social interaction, especially for my little homebodies, is a good thing. It also gives me some one-on-two time with my babies (who are growing up waaaayyyy too quickly for my liking!).

And so it is, a new season has begun. *sigh*

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Farmgirl Paints said...

Sigh indeed! My babes start Tuesday. First time in 10 years I'll have ALL day to myself...bittersweet!