Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shirley Temple

One of my fondest memories as a little girl is sleeping in pink, foam, hair curlers.
I remember my Nanny curling my hair up when I was 3 or 4 and being so excited the next morning to see what it would look like. Of course, she told me I would look just like Shirley Temple, and I believed her. She would brag on me about how precious I looked in those curls and give me the sweetest hugs.

I have really missed my Nanny today.
And she would have loved seeing this!
This little girl was every bit as excited about waking up with curls as I used to be!

All day long I looked at these curls, normally straight as a board, and thought of her.
Last night after Puddin's bath, it struck me, she has never had her hair curled! So, I dug around in my hope chest looking for that old tin of curlers that used to be mine, but couldn't find them.
I guess they are in a box in the attic.
Anyway, I would not be deterred.
I found a rarely worn t shirt from my closet and started cutting it up.
I decided to go with good, old fashioned, rag rolls!
Now, it has been a mighty long time since I have rolled hair and I might have rolled it in too small sections or too tight, but for our first time around it looked pretty cute!

Puddin ADORED it! She bounced around all day long in her princess curls.
I would even catch myself watching her and just smiling at how different,
but adorable she looked.
I guess my Nanny may have done the same thing once upon a time.
She was really funny when we first took them out. See, she has this thing about me not cutting her hair because she wants to keep it long...I may not have explained the whole idea of "locks of love"
correctly the first time, and she might be a teensy
bit scarred from that.... anyway....
when I took the rags out and she had such tight curls,
it of course made her hair short.
Like, above the shoulder short.
Normally, her hair stops at her waist.... they were tight!

She looked at me with a concerned look and said- did it cut off all my hair???

So I had to show her by stretching a curl out that it was all still there! So funny!
By lunchtime the curls had relaxed a little and were hanging a bit longer.
Much like her momma, she loved having her hair curled!

She was even excited to NOT get a bath tonight so she can keep them one more day!
Although, you can't tell by this picture! Ha! This is the "ok, enough already! Stop taking pictures so I can play in peace" look.

These last few were after we finger separated the curls. They stretched out long a full. It reminded me less of Shirley Temple and more of Diana Ross... early 80's

Ahhh- much better!

I just checked on her, sleeping soundly in her bed, under a mountain of curls and her princess crown, of course. **sigh** Mommyhood is the best.


Katie said...

That is funny, cuz I HATED getting those curlers in my hair. They hurt too much. Plus I have natural curly hair so I didn't understand why I had to get my hair even more curly.

plaxico6 said...

So precious! The looks on her face are priceless :)