Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Christmas in July

Remember last year when I shared our Christmas in July tradition? If not, just click here for the details.

A3 waiting to open his gift

the crew... all 8 of them!

A2 checking out the goods..

Monkey Do with a new Bible. He can now carry his own Bible to church on Sundays... a new "habit" we are trying to instill early!

Puddin and Angelina.... happiness!

Monkey See and his new Bible...

A shared book...
Bud and his book... a storey about Daniel and the lions den...

Anyway, here a few reasons this year was a little bit different...

Monkey See is no longer rocking a mullet (bless his heart!),

the babies are not babies any more. Which means they are mobile.... very mobile,

it was in my living room instead of the park,
less sweat,

Christi had to do most of the work since I was hobbling around like Methuselah,
We added cupcakes, or maybe I should say icing and sprinkles with a side of cupcake. You decide.

Either way, our kiddos had a great time!
A2 skillfully decorating his cookie,

A3 taking a break to "clean up"

A1 carefully decorating her cupcake while guarding it from the nearest predator!

Puddin... yum!

Can you tell they enjoyed the sprinkles!?

Monkey See skipped the icing and went straight to the sprinkles!

And Aunt Christi went home and crashed afterwards!! Don't you just love best friends?!

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