Monday, June 21, 2010

His latest obsession

It's been well documented throughout this blog that my oldest son, Monkey Do, has a love of accessories. For instance, he fell in love with a pink Easter bonnet, he often enjoys wearing a bicycle helmet, or a floppy cowboy hat, sunglasses and sock hats are really nothing new for him, top hat? oh yes, thank you so much, and even his sisters shoes... yes, he adores them all!! (which is really funny because he has the gruffest voice of the bunch... except when he says, I lusch you too!)

Anyway, this is his newest obsession.
A thrift store blazer.

Bought with a pilot's hat, for the specific purpose of adding boy clothes to the dress up attire. For months, he has wanted nothing to do with it. Apparently now, it is a perfect fit. He wears it all.the.time. These photos are from 3 consecutive days of me waking up to Monkey Do dressed so dapperly. He sure is a handsome little thing, isn't he?!

I love him dearly... what's not to love?!!

But, I did, however, draw the line at bedtime when he put in on over his footed pajamas and declared, "nite-nite!" to us all. (Although, he still does sleep in his baseball cap.)

Mercy, I wonder what's next!


plaxico6 said...

He is too cute!! Love his smile!

plaxico6 said...

He is too cute!! LOVE his smile!

Margie said...

cute pictures of Deacon!