Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watch out for the paparazzi and swimming with a cat

We recently went swimming at my mom's for an end of the summer hurrah.
I'd show you pics of me, mobbed by my children (seriously- they were in my arms AND hanging on my back) but I might blind you with my milky white skin shining in the sun. SERIOUSLY- a dark tinted shade of sunglasses in necessary when viewing those pics! Geesh- when did I get so white??
Anyway, this is not a post about my own personal fear of the sun... hehe... but rather one of my babes... the littles.

This was a first for them.
First dip in a big, deep end kind of pool.
First life jacket experience.
First splashes in the face by crazy siblings.
But- it was fun. For one of them anyway.

Bud LOVES the water. In fact, he goes face first in the bathtub nearly every time he bathes.
Daisy is his polar opposite. She will tolerate a bath as long as she is upright and can see what's happening. The minute you try to lay her back- she looses it.
The pool was much the same experience. She reminded me of a cat clinging to me or trying to crawl up the front of me to dry land. It was crazy! Finally, after much persistence on my part, she relaxed a bit and let me hug her tight on my hip, but the minute I would loosen my grip, the cat like tendencies would take over.
(now I know you have a mental image of me, milky white, blinding my children as they clamor all over me in a large pool, while my youngest, aka Kitty, claws her way up my chest. Sounds like fun doesn't it?)

Well, we finally put an end to the littles swimming and then the real fun started. Puddin went C to the R to the AZY in the water! That girl was FEARLESS!!! She'd shout, "here comes danger!" as she'd catapult herself down the slide. Normally, my first born is very mild mannered, shy and laid back... not that day!

The Monkey's had a great time and eventually got off the steps.
But, what I haven't shared is that one of my oldest besties came with her kiddos for the swim too. We had so much fun!!!

Here are a few "pre-swim" pics I can share of my littles. Try as I might, I could not get a picture of Daisy looking at me. She was in disguise I guesss... avoiding the paparrazi! She really is a little diva-esque at times.

Bud answering my phone, "It's for you!"

Daisy adjusting Bud's straps... safety first!

Are you sure about this??

Let's go for it!

I love these two! Just precious! Firsts are so fun!!

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