Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Part in the Clouds? and Baby Love!

Well, since my last post, just a few short days ago, I can add that a shutter blew off of our house during the storm and my van broke down in front of Osh Kosh the other night while a friend and I were trying to do some shopping for our kiddos. Thankfully, the van has been repaired and I was with one of my dearest friends so I was in good company and not with 5 small children when it happened!! The shutter still sits in the garage, but at least it didn't blow away!

All in all, things are going great! The babies are doing well. They are sooooo beautiful and such blessings to us! You would think the newness, wonder an awe of a newborn would wear off after you have had a few of them- but it doesn't. It really, truly doesn't! I just can't get enough of their little faces and hands and feet and just everything about them! They are heavenly! My only wish is that I had more time to just sit and hold and snuggle and love on them! But I don't, so I try to make the most of every second I do have with each one of them. That goes for all of my many small children!

Puddin is such a delight these days- she is funny and witty and such a "little momma" to the monkeys! She tickles me every time I hear her refer to one of them as "mister". Usually in this way... "You better not, mister!" Apparently, she has heard that phrase a time or two! She loves her babies and always wants to take care of them. Her newest interests this week include helping me make dinner and drawing pictures of people. And- she is really good at both! I may have a little genius on my hands!

The Monkeys are just that, monkeys! they LOVE to make me laugh... and they are pretty good at it! The way they work together for good and not so good (only sometimes) never ceases to amaze me! They are definitely a team but also such individuals! Monkey Do is fearless and dives head first into everything! He never meets a stranger and is full of kisses and zerberts and he ADORES his new babies!!! Oh my, how he loves them! in fact, they place a close second, right behind Barney the big purple dinosaur and there are not many things that rank that high for him!
Monkey See is my sweetheart... some things haven't changed. I have to admit- I was a bit worried as to how he would accept the babies but he has such a sweet spirit! Like with most things, he was a bit reserved at first and not sure about what was happening, he quickly fell in love! He is always at my side when I change their diapers or feed them. Always willing to throw away diapers or get me something for the babies. He is incredibly sweet to them and I just know he will be the one in the bassinet with them if I don't watch him carefully!

The Hubby is hanging in there too! He is tired, really tired. So we like to dream that we are millionaires and he is retiring so he can stay home and play with us all day! I think that dream is a long way off! We are just grateful his job is still there and we have some income coming in. We know things will settle down soon and we will get more sleep eventually! He is just working so hard these days. In fact, a few weeks ago during my "I'm extremely preganant and emotional and not really thinking straight phase" I encouraged him to sign up to go on a golf trip with some other men from our church. To his credit- he kept saying no, it would be too soon after the babies for him to leave. And I, again, not thinking straight, insisted he sign up and go. Well, he did and he is. What was I thinking?! Pray for me please! All kidding aside- I am so glad he is getting some time away for himself- he truly deserves it and things will be fine here. My plan includes lots of naps and very little cleaning up around the house! We have a full day planned for Saturday so the kiddos should sleep really good once we get home.

Anyway, life is good-no, Life is GREAT! We are doing really well and even though material things have been falling apart all around us we are still smiling! Our children are healthy and happy and it doesn't get any better than that!
Wherever you are tonight, I wish you sweet dreams and a full 8 hours!
Much love,

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