Thursday, April 23, 2009

And the baby making continues.......

Well, it's back to making babies for me...the stuffed kind!
(I had some of you going there, didn't I?)

I have a new order for a little girl on her 1st birthday!! I am so excited to get her started.
I finished one the other day for a very special lady named Brenda in N.C. She has an amazing story. Anyway, I was so excited to get her Puddin to her before she delivered her baby that I forgot to get a picture of it!!
I am hoping she will snap a picture of her new little bundle of joy with her Puddin and send it to me.

Well, time is limited and the hours are fleeting. I wish I could say goodbye so I could start the Puddin Pop but I have SEVERAL loads of laundry calling my name that need to be dealt with first!
However, I will post a picture of the sweetie when she's finished!

Have a blessed night!
Much love,

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