Monday, April 6, 2009

For the Nanas!

If you are on Face book then you can skip this post... nothing new to see here!
This post is really for the Nana's & Papa's... enjoy!!!

The Fabulous Five!

Sleeping Shepherd

Shepherd working the camera


Sleeping Emery

Awww!!!Snuggle Time!

My Monkey!


Monkey Do!!


Katie said...

My favorite is the one with Shepard and Emery snuggling each other. That is priceless. After seeing your pictures we made an appointment with her to get the boys pictures taken. We are very excited. Although I don't think she will get the boys to snuggle each other like that. Naked wouldn't be a problem the snuggling is another story.

Holly said...

Those photos are adorable! So cute!
Are the two little ones twins?

Melissa said...

Katie- I can't wait to see your pics! She will do a great job!!!
BTW-I read your news yesterday but I only had 1 free hand and couldn't type my response....boooo hoooo!!!! I'm happy for you guys but wishing it wasn't sooo far away!

Holly- yes the babies are twins and so are the monkeys... I know- we are crazy blessed! Never a dull moment here!