Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Let me first say that our Easter Sunday services were amazing! After a horrible weekend with the aftermath of the tornado that hit on Good Friday, the service is just what we needed... an offering of HOPE when it seems everything is falling away.
for more info on the tornado that hit see the DNJ at
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TRAGIC. the only word I have to describe what happened.
I was terrified as I huddled in the closet with all 5 of my children, no electricity and very little cell service to find out what was happening.
BLESSED is how I felt when it was over. I prayed...seriously prayed for God to spare us from what was headed our way. I am so thankful to HIM for answering my prayer.

We were able to have a wonderful Easter. We celebrated by attending church and then had a fun afternoon with family. This time, my family came to visit and celebrate at our house. What a gift! I didn't have to dress, pack for, load and feed everyone before making the hour and a half trip! The kids were all able to get a nap in too!
Here are some pics from our fun afternoon...

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Karie Lee said...

Love the cake! What a creative idea!