Monday, January 31, 2011

spaghetti dogs


My kiddos LOVED this lunch the other day so I thought, I just have to blog this!

When the kids are home I try to make a hot lunch for them . I figure, for the next umpteen years they'll be eating lunch box lunches so I might as well make their lunches at home as healthy as possible. For some reason that equates as a "hot lunch" to me. Now, I know that hot dogs are not the 'healthy-est" of choices, but they are 100% beef hotdogs and a huge favorite around here.
Even Daisy, a self imposed vegetarian, will usually, sometimes, eat a hot dog.

So, here are the how to's...

1. get some dogs and spaghetti noodles.

2. cut up the dogs in bite size pieces.

3. "thread" the noodles through the hot dog pieces. (At first I used the long noodles but then I started breaking them up to make them more manageable when cooked.)

4. Once you have enough for your crew (5 hotdogs chopped and ready to go for mine) put them in the pot of hot water.

5. Boil, just like you would cook spaghetti. I added some extra noodles to the pot after I snapped this picture.
6. Do a headcount of your all too quiet children...
6. drain

7.throw some steam peas in the microwave while you are serving the spaghetti dogs up on the fine china for your littles. I also added some butter and garlic powder to the spaghetti dogs instead of sauce.

8. Serve with the promise of apple slices with peanut butter for dessert!

My kids loved it! A fun and hot lunch that they all enjoyed! Works for me!

If you have any other fun lunches please let me know!
I bought some of the edible food markers the other day so I have been writing messages on their sandwiches when they go to school, which they love. We also use the cookie cutters for their sandwiches but... you know sometimes it's fun to change things up a bit!

Enjoy your spaghetti dogs!
** I just added my spaghetti gogs to little eme's site. I stumbled on it the other day and she has some super cute stuff and some super creative followers too!! go check it out some time!
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Mary Witt said...

I would not have thought the hot dogs would last that long without breaking. Did the kids notice they had been threaded through?

And I love the headcount/too quiet moment!