Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This month has been a busy one. It was set aside as my Mary Month. Not familiar with that term?? Check out Jmom- she is way more articulate than I am! While I have been able to be more of a Mary and less of a Martha, lets face it, life with 5 littles is still a busy one!

We have also had a lot of snow- I mean a lot for our area!
2 weeks ago we had 4- 5 inches on the ground!! Last night left a dusting, just an inch or so, but enough to close the schools. And considering most of my babes have been sick, we didn't mind another snow day!

So while the weather outside looks a little like this,

from last nights snowfall... taken at lunch time today

We have been doing a little of this,

Bud and Daisy LOVED their first batch of homemade Snow Cream!
So, while I'm no where near a Pioneer Woman, I thought I'd still share my favorite snow cream recipe for those of you interested. It is YUM-YUM Good!!
1 cup sugar
1-2 tbsp vanilla
2 cups of milk
4-6 cups of clean, WHITE snow ;)
Now, just mix it all up really quickly, top it with sprinkles and serve it to your littles!

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