Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rewind... Chattanooga Part1

Since we skipped a vacation this yea, we decided we would take the children to Chattanooga over Christmas break and spend some time. It's only about an hour and a half away from us so it is very easy to make it a quick weekend trip. While there, our main goal was to ride The Polar Express!! The kids were so excited about it. I will share pictures of that adventure another night, but for now I'll share some pictures of our adventure to the Aquarium.

The last time we visited the Chattanooga aquarium I was 16 weeks pregnant with Bud and Daisy.I also had morning sickness. The kind that lasted all day. Yuck.
This time I also had sickness. No worries- not the same as last time. This time it was the stomach virus variety. DOUBLE yuck! At least I got a blessing out of the first one! But, we payed for the trip so we ventured out anyway! I tried not to touch anything or anyone, except my own people. (by the next day I was feeling much better too).

I'll let the pictures tell the story. Needless to say- we saw A LOT of fish. Towards the end, right before our camera dies, Puddin said, "I'm tired of all these fish!"
(you probably will to if you stick with this post!)
Thankfully, we rounded the corner to see the favorite exhibit of the day... follow to the end to see what it was. They were THRILLED!!! After all, what could be more exciting than a bunch of fish, sharks and jelly fish???

The Wonder Twins!

blurry shot- the best we could do.

Congratulations if you have stuck with it to see


Here it is....


Exciting, I know!

Stay tuned for more excitement to come tomorrow!

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