Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quote of the day...

This afternoon, during naptime, I had just finished the dishes, put another load of laundry in, swept and mopped the floors and decided to sit for a minute and take a break.

Did I mention it was naptime?
Have I mentioned before that this has recently become hit or miss for us?
It has.
Today it was kind of split down the middle.
Puddin was playing her Leapster in her bed (she had permission... details on the Leapster to come shortly.) And the Wonder Twins were dancing in their beds because they had taken a 20 minute nap on the ride home from picking up the trio from preschool. (the downside of preschool- babies who still need a nap!)

Anyway, the boys, were not sleeping either. Instead they were playing quietly in their room. I knew pretty quickly that was not going to be the good kind of naptime so I made sure we were all on the page... it was a quite time in their rooms.

When suddenly, one little unnamed Monkey was squealing a high pitched squeal at the top of his lungs, and came running down the stairs. For the life of me I couldn't understand why he was crying, but I knew it was bad. He jumped in my lap, holding his face, while I was still trying to figure out the problem.
Quickly I assessed... no blood- good,
he can walk/talk/scream/cry- good,
then finally, I understood the words mixed with sobs..."derwe's a diamond in my nose!!"

Normally, this is where I would insert a picture. But due to the seriousness of having a diamond up the nose, I decided to jump into action immediately, rather than grab the camera.

So while I sent the other Monkey on the let's take forever and a day errand to get mommy a tissue, I held the diamond free nostril closed with my forefinger and placed my other hand in front of his nose to catch.
I promptly asked him to... BLOW.
Yes, I did.
He blew- nothing (but snot).
He blew again- still more snot, and yet, no tissue!!!
Then he started to suck back in and I was so afraid that precious diamond was going to get stuck up there further that I ordered him to blow HARD.
He did.. good boy!
And in the process shot out more snot, as well as the shiny diamond! It was actually a yellow acrylic bead with the letter B on it... the teacher in me immediately thought, oh how appropriate, b for booger. My boy is S-M-A-R-T!
Yes, I did.
Guess what... then the other Monkey showed up with a tissue.
Yes, he did.

Anyway, good news is all of my children have diamond free noses tonight and no ER was necessary! Ya-hoo!
I also took the time to use this as a teachable moment, ie, scare the fire out of them. And in all my mommy glory I explained that if he or his brother ever, I mean EVER put anything in their noses again I would not be able to get it out. Next time we would have to go to the doctor and he would take a long shiny tool and put it up their nose to get it out.
-Insert 2 deer in headlights looks-
Their question?
"Will it huwt?"
My response?
"YES-very, very bad!"

And so it goes!
Hopefully, all of the noses under your roof are diamond-free tonight!
I'm off to bed and will probably wonder what they will come up with tomorrow!
Night- night!


plaxico6 said...

Oh my! I got a good laugh out of that story....of course after knowing that Monkey was alright :)

Bubbles In My Think Tank said...

Melissa this is hilarious! My middle one, Jacob(now 13), is the one in my family that made sure we never forgot (and still don't forget) Murphy's Law. If it can happen, it will. When he was 4 he stuck a sunflower seed (shell and all) up his nose. I know what you went through that day with the diamond and I'm so happy that everything 'came out' ok!