Monday, January 3, 2011

Rewind... The Hunt

Every year we have a 9 ft. artificial tree for our main tree in the living room. We were married in December and the tree is actually from our wedding ceremony. Sweet, I know. But, I was over it. Does that sound too terribly bad?! I have wanted a real tree forEVER! I remember as a little girl we had a live tree and the last one I remember was when I was 6 years old. Life sort of got in the way for my family and a lot of things changed. Anyway, that real tree with my aluminum foil star on the top has always been one of my fondest Christmas memories.

So, this year- I bucked the system and left our wedding day tree in the attic. A beautiful Saturday rolled around and hubby wanted to know what we would be doing for the day. My response... cutting down a Christmas tree! The look I got back was priceless. I think my enthusiasm won him over though! So we loaded up the youg'uns in our antler clad minivan and set off for the Christmas tree farm. It was *magical*! We had so much fun! (except for the part where we trekked through a field where most of the trees had already been cut. I was "driving" the double stroller and between the ruts and the stumps it was a tough go!)

Here are a few pictures from our trip. Btw- I think we just added a new tradition to our Christmas-ing! Our poor wedding tree may never see the light of day again!

Our arrival at the Christmas Tree farm

Surprise! Santa was here too! Puddin is delighted!

Monkey See is not so sure! All month long he would say, "i not wike Santa... you tewl him I want a speed wacer car".

And their off!!! (Puddin is waaay off in the distance and Monkey's are in hot pursuit!

But where are the Wonder Twins???
Hangin back with Momma! (poor things really wanted to be out and running free with everyone else but there were so many stumps I was afraid they would fall. Plus- they run every which way but loose and it is just plain exhausting!)

A little sword fighting with daddy and some found sticks...

checking out the trees..."Momma- I think these are waaay too little!"

Posing for a picture! (what's with the leg, Puddin?)

And again... the leg. This must be her signature pose... oh my!

Still hunting

we found it!!!
(the one directly behind us)


Daddy gets to work

so pretty!

Done! They packed up and headed off so quickly!

Daddy stopped to pose with the babes.

*hubby* He had to carry the tree he-man style since I was pushing the stroller and our littles are just too little to help carry it... for now!

Having some hot chocolate after all of the hard work!

lip smackin good!

Even the babies had some in their sippy cups!
Definitely a fun day! And we will definitely be back!!

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plaxico6 said...

Love the pictures! You did a great job of capturing this adventure in puddin's hot chocolate mustache...mmmm mmmm good :)