Friday, January 28, 2011

remember when...

I said I would "review" December for you after I loaded the pictures in my new computer?
Well, I finally got around to finishing that up. They are loaded... into 1 file...all 66,727 of them...1 file... no organization!!! AGH!! It's insane, but it's done, and for that I'm grateful!

So, instead of sharing December stuff, I thought I'd share a little of what's been going on here. (Realistically, it might be July before I ever get that file "organized" enough to use it!)

So, what have we been doing??

Well, here's a little bit of the action seen around here the past few days....

a little decorating for valentines day... felt hearts recycled from the bin. They were originally extra felt birds from Puddin's birthday party that I had cut, but didn't need. So, now they have new life as a little heart garland. They look really sweet when we have the fire going... the heat makes them flap like little birdies! (too cute-I know!)

practicing our heart making skills... so fun for the trio- not so much for the littlest of the littles. Mean old mommy wouldn't let them have scissors or eat glitter!


A couple of sweet little Monkey's celebrated their half birthdays! This was very low key- due to the snow days and sickness. New shirts an cupcakes for school- Enough fun for everyone!

new product?? not sure yet.

This is a "Gotcha Bag!" I have so many friends adopting I thought how, if it were me, I'd like a little bag of goodies to take on the big "gotcha" day. I plan to fill these with fruit snacks, puffs, a couple of diapers, wipes, a book and a toy or two and give them at the upcoming showers.

On one side there is Scripture... the other has the name of the sweet little
bundle coming to their forever family.

a little valentine project for hubby and me....

when finished it's going in a tiny frame that has needed something for a while.

new dishwasher, still in the box. Why does it cost another $125 to install??? CRAZY!!

Or maybe the crazy part is me thinking I can do it for a fraction of the cost.
I guess we'll see!

But man, am I ever tired of washing dishes!

And, finally, mischief, of every kind. Daisy's latest obsession? Coloring her arms with markers.

My child has "sleeves"

Oh- and she busted her brother's nose yesterday.
He was bleeding!
She sure is cute, but man oh man, she's a precious little handful!

So, what have you been up to lately?

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