Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

*** Business News*** Puddin Pop Designs is still "closed" until Feb 1, 2011. I'm taking a "vacation" and having myself a "Mary" month of rest. If you need to place an order before Feb. 1st you can, I just will not be sewing until that date. Orders will be filled based on the date they were received. Thanks so much for understanding! If you ordered this Christmas season and want to submit your pictures to be shared just email them to me and I'll be sure to feature them as soon as I can!

Ok- so I have barely made it in time for a New Years Day post- but barely is better than not at all! So, here I am with so very much to say and share, but once again- never enough time! I do hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas and has been overwhelmed by blessings this holiday season- I know I have.

I have enjoyed this Christmas with my husband and sweet, every growing, littles so much! Simply put- it has been magical for all of us. I plan to share some of the highlights over the next few days (can you believe I plan to post again.. more than once or twice a month?! HA!) As we "speak" I am downloading 600+ pictures onto the computer! Yikes- now don't hyperventilate. I won't share all of them. Maybe I'll restrain myself and just share 1/2 of them!! hehe!

In other news.... not only will I be hitting some of the Christmas 2010 highlights, but I will also be sharing some changes on the blog front for Puddin Pop Designs. Change is hard. I'm a little nervous... but it will be good.

Other random news... today is my Momma's birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!!
We just got home from visiting her and finally have all of our little Flowers tucked snuggly in their beds. *sigh* It's a good feeling. I discovered something about myself on the drive home- I really like the sound of snoring, deep breathing children. :) I think my stepdad might have to agree. Bless his heart! All of these littles running in circles around his not so childproof home make him a bit nervous! I'm sure he's probably sleeping as well as my children are right about now!

We had lots of adventures this past month!

And misadventures too! Did you know it's possible to be sprayed by a "skunk" sprayed?? Well, it is! Just wait until I share that one!

For now- Happy New Year! Love to all!

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Naomi said...

You have a beautiful family, Melissa! I love the updated blog photo and look forward to hearing/seeing your adventures!! I also have a few pictures of 3 adorable Puddin' Pops that were given new homes at Christmas this year...they are already WELL loved by my nieces!