Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuning in

Remember waaay back when I told ya'll that I usually have a song playing in my head? It's usually on repeat...all day.
Sometimes it drives me crazy, and sometimes it's a really great thing.
So far I have wasted 20 minutes of really valuable sewing time to search for the song that has been playing for 2 days in my head. I guess that puts it in the "really great thing category.
It is BEA*U*TI*FUL! I can't find it on YOUTUBE but I promise, promise, promise if you click on this link, you will NOT be disappointed! This Night is a favorite of mine. I bet it will be for you too! Enjoy!
In all fairness Jessica, the girl singing, is a friend of mine. BUT, I would STILL big, puffy heart LOVE this song if I didn't know her.

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