Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Babies!!

Wow!! These little darlins are full fledged one year olds!

And my feelings are much of what they were this same time last year.

It seems that now, I still feel as unprepared for their birthday as I did last year! How can such a special day sneak up on a girl!?

I had big plans for their birthday last year. I had it all worked out. Same thing this year. With sort of the same result... my plans were, and are changed.

The babies came a week early last year, which threw me for a loop. I mean, I knew they were coming... I just wanted it to be when I had planned for them. I was so nervous when I heard my doctor say, "you need to go get checked in at the hospital now".....not yet.... I need more time... is all I could think.

Now, one year later, these little sweeties are sick on their first birthday and all I can think is... no!! not now!! I am so grateful to have 5 healthy, happy children. I just wish we could celebrate their amazing birthday the way I had planned... smash cake, loved ones, balloons and giggles. I'm sure we will work in some giggles and possibly a smash cake, but I think today holds a lot of snot and maybe another visit to the pediatrician as well! (Don't I sound like a big whiny baby?!?) UGH!
Especially since their birth turned out perfect... it was beautiful...just click here... and see for yourself.
So, I have no doubt today will be a special day as well so let me get over myself and share some pics of my sweeties... then and now... snot and all!

Brand new baby Bud.. 6lbs and 15 oz.


Birthday Boy Bud... 24lbs.

Sweet Baby Daisy 7lbs. 2oz

Birthday Girl Daisy 21 lbs.

Hubby and Bud (12 hours old)

Big sister Puddin and baby Bud (1 day old)
Sweet baby Daisy spent some time in the NICU due to a pneumothorax...she is a day old here.
Baby Bud just a few hours old... sleepy, puffy eyes!

Puddin and her sweet baby sister, Daisy. She was (is) so excited to have as sister!

This is the first time these sweet girls met... (Love!)

My sweet babies snuggling at home during their nap

Ok- I guess I'll have to load some "snotty nows" later today and put them on here. Maybe there will be a few of a smash cake after all... you never know!

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