Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PPK's and their Kiddos!

I just LOVE to see pics of my Puddin Pop Kids with their new Mommy's and Daddy's! It makes me smile to see how the Truth is being planted in their hearts in such a special way. One of my bloggy "friends" recently order a couple of Puddin's for 2 special girls in her life so head on over to see these precious little gifts with their very own Puddin Pop Kids... oh my! You will be so glad you did!! Click here.

(Ignore all the stuff about me-because it's really not about me- just look at the precious pictures!! These are some cutie pie girls for sure!!)

Also another "bloggy" friend recently sent me a pic of her new little bundle of sweetness with her Puddin Pop Kid... Can I just say, oh how I love itty bitty babies?!?**sigh** Every single thing about them is PRECIOUS!! And this little princess is no exception! I just love this picture and you will too!!

How sweet is she??? And I love that she has a giant Puddin Pop to snuggle with!!

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