Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Favorite Pics of the week

There are so many things I could blog about tonight- and probable will eventually- but I'm tired. When I say it's been a LONG day today- I seriously mean it!

But, this is going to sound crazy- even though it's been a long day, the kids have been great...really great! And, the big ones haven't napped all week! CRAZY!!

Puddin is on spring break this week and it's been nice...really nice.

It's just been a long day because I'm a grown up, with grown up stuff going on.

Anyway- here are some of my favorite pictures from last week that would have each received their own blog post. And since I know the Nana's and the Papa's, and the aunts and uncles, and cousins are all wanting to see more pics of the Fabulous Five I decided to devote this post to them... with some of their favorite faces!

Puddin and Hubby... having a situation. Apparently, she didn't think it was funny! :)

MC Monkey Do jamming to "Cows on the Farm". His own remix of Old McDonald.

LOVE it!

Baby Bud and Big Bro Monkey See just cruising around the strip.
Are they not ADORABLE???
This picture just makes my heart flutter!!
(BTW-Bud is our baby with a capital B... in no way, shape or form can he ride his scooter yet. But, at 1 year old Monkey See could ride the very same scooter.
So I propped Bud up there to see if he could "run with the big dogs".
Sadly, he could not.:(
baby Bud got a boo-boo!

This is the after shot of BeatupbabyBud with his busted head that he got when his Fantastic momma propped him up on a scooter he couldn't ride so she could take a great picture of her sweet baby and urge him to try something new and then turned away to then put the camera down and he fell on his head and got a boo-boo. :( Motherhood is not for wimps. **sigh**

Also pictured are Momma and Monkey Do. We were consoling Baby Bud and entertaining him with the camera.

What's for dinner??
Baby Daisy cooking up something yummy!
She can not walk yet either, but that doesn't stop her!
There you have it! Some of my favorite faces.
Happy Wednesday!

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