Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Current stock

For reference for those of you placing orders... right now the fabric choices I have available for the Puddin Pop Kids bodies are: pink, cream(little bit left) and blue chenille, pink, blue and brown minky dot.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


Lindsay said...


I am interested in purchasing a couple of dolls from you. Please email me with information. Thanks!


plaxico6 said...

I am interested in a puddin pop doll!! I LOVE them!! I have been following your blog for awhile but just signed on as a follower. Your kids are PRECIOUS!! I admire you as a Mother for all you do for them! I am interested in a pint size, cream fabric, blonde hair (straight, not curly), brown eyes, 1 Samuel 1:27 on her belly, and Ella Grace Revette on her back. I LOVE the fabric on the puddin pop doll you have above question 4 on your recent post of frequent questions and answers. Does that fabric have pink in it or is is more red? This little girl likes pink but I want something more than just plain pink skirt. Please contact me with any questions you have. Hope you have a great day!
Stacy :)

Anonymous said...

I am considering buying a doll for my niece. Could you please email me more information?


Anonymous said...

Recently a friend of my daughters ordered 2 of your dolls. One for her daughter Josie and one for my granddaughter Matalie. (they are both on your blog site) I fell in love with them. I would like to order one for my great niece for her birthday that is in the end of April (21). I would like it to be the same color material for the doll's body (which i believe is cream) and dress as Matalie's, but the same bible verse as Josie's (proverbs 31:30) I would like her hair to be like Matalie's doll but brown with brown eyes and Karoline on the back. If you could email me with the information on how to pay and get the delivery address to you, I would greatly appreciate it! I will be ordering another on in May for a friends baby shower! They are adorable!!!
My email address is reneekastor@charter.net ... just let me know what I need to do!!
Thank you so much for creating these little cuties!