Monday, March 22, 2010

PPK Questions and Answers

Here are a few of the newest faces in the PPk collection and a few Q&A's to go along with them...
1. Q- Can the dolls be accessorized??? A- maybe... I'm working on adding glasses... we'll see in a couple of weeks.

2. Q- When do you have time to sew?? A- I usually sew at naptime or at night after everyone is alseep. I guess it pays to be a night owl but my limited time to sew is also why I request a couple of weeks to complete a doll.

3. Q-Do you carry dolls "in stock"? A- Yes, usually I do. I try to keep 5 or 6 in stock so when someone calls needing a last minute baby gift they can swing by and pick one up. However, I have had a hard time keeping up with that since Christmas. But, after the Easter batch, and the birthday party sewing for my kiddos I plan to replenish my stock!

4. Q-Do you have a pattern? A- No, I do not have a pattern. Each doll is 100% unique. I like it that way! I know the "shape" each doll needs to take and I know the measurements I like for them to have. Other than that I just eyeball as I cut... no drawing them out or anything. So, no matter how many blue eyed, blonde dolls on pink chenille are made, no 2 will ever be the same. Of course that means if you request a doll to look just like the one in a picture you saw.... they might resemble but they won't look exactly alike.

5. Q- How did you start making the Puddin Pop Kids? A- about 3 years ago I was wanting to make Puddin a doll that had a bible verse on it... sort of a rag doll type. I had some left over minky fabric from her baby balnket I made before she was born so I decided to go with what I had. It was a bit muppet looking, but cute. I made a couple more, just trying out different things as far as shape of the head and body. I went on a retreat with my bible study girls and showed them the PPK to see what they thought. At the time, one of those friends was in the planning of our church's women's lunchen and asked if I would donate one for a door prize during the luncheon. I happily donated 2. And from there, the Puddin Pop Kids took off.
6. Q- Why are they called Puddin Pop Kids? A- When my daughter was born she was just so scrumptious I called her Puddin Pop. I told my husband if I ever started my own business I would call it Puddin Pop Designs, since she has been my inspiration for 90% of what I sew. So, the "dolls" took off and needed a name and my husband and I decided that since our Puddin was the reason we had these babies they would be called Puddin Pop Kids.

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