Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camping- Flowers' Style Mississippi Bound

We decided to add a mini vacation to our summer fun. We really wanted to go see my Nanny who has recently moved back to Mississippi and I was missing her pretty bad. Not only is my Nanny in Mississippi but my dad, step mom, sister, lots of aunts, uncles and cousins too. In fact, nearly all of my family lives there. So we bit the bullet and decided to give it a whirl.

Now, I don't camp. I've only had 1 prior experience with camping and lets just say- it wasn't fun. So for me camping it equals the Comfort Inn Suites, and late one afternoon, I booked us a room. I did make sure it had 2 beds and this one came with a "sitting area". I also had to make sure it had a microwave and refrigerator because I had to feed my children. Last I checked, Nestle Goodstart Soy based formula did not come from room service.

Anyway, Next on the list... packing. Oh my!! What a job. Remember that little day trip I took to Pulaski?? Well, here's what my van looked like after a day of packing everything for this trip.

Because of my superior packing skills and the sheer fact that I have had TONS of practice, not only did I fit 5 children, 2 adults, a cooler for drinks, a bag of snack, a bag of toys for each child, clothing for 3-4 days, and diapers but I also included a bumbo seat, bathing suits, a travel swing, video camera, humidifier, portable cd player, sound machine, and a high chair as well as a table and 3 chairs, a laptop and a few other things. Ya'll, it.was.packed.

After we finished getting everything in the van and everyone finally out of the door to our home, we were only running an hour late. But- we were in need of an oil change and I insisted we do that before we hit the road. So after that we finally began our journey.

Surprisingly, we made really good time and the kids did fantastic driving down there. Hubby and I were pleasantly surprised! Once we made it to Mississippi we checked in our room and set up shop... unpacked. I'm sure we looked like were piling out of a clown car!!!

We let the babies stretch out

fed the kids lunch

put a few things away and explored our new environment

did a dance number or two and changed clothes,

and headed to see Nanny...

More on that tomorrow!

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lani said...

God bless u you are a SAINT...love the van picutre.....