Saturday, September 19, 2009

Basic Training

So, we are gearing for for baby boot camp around here in the next few weeks... translation= getting Daisy to sleep through the night, potty training the Monkeys and preparing Monkey See for the loss of his beloved mi-mi. Not necessarily in that order.
I've had some really great suggestions on how to say bye-bye to the binky. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.
Boot camp #1 is to get Daisy to sleep through the night. Please, dear Lord, make that happen. I will give her a little credit though- she has managed to squeak out an extra hour every now and then so she will sometimes sleep for 4 hours before needing wanting a bottle. I really, really don't want to just let her cry but somethings gotta give. I keep praying she will just realize the doesn't need a bottle, or me, or daddy and just sleep. Our goal to have this completed... immediately!

Boot camp goal #2... Saying goodbye to Monkey See's mi-mi. If it's nearly as traumatic as it was last week, I might just loose my mind! Since the episode last week he has been very, very clingy to his dear mi-mi. Even sneaking upstairs for a little alone time with it. He has even been to brazen as to wander downstairs with it a couple of times in his mouth. When I take it away and remind him we only use a mi-mi at bedtime he falls apart in tears. (Just so you know, I don't give it back until bedtime. I'm pretty firm on that). So, I know what your thinking, I made all of this harder on myself. I should have just thrown it out when I had the chance, right? Yes, I guess I am a glutton for punishment. We hope to have this done by Christmas, Thanksgiving (or sooner, according to my hubby).

Boot camp goal #3...Potty training the Monkeys. If it's even remotely as hard as it was the last time I tried, I can guarantee I will loose my mind, or what's left of it! I don't think I even blogged about that horrendous day because, well, it was horrendous! I'm desperately trying to erase it from my mind. Needless to say, it will be the last step on baby boot camp '09 (and may actually not be accomplished until BBC '10. We'll see.

So I leave you with a little boot camp photo fun! Puddin and the Monkeys went through a little basic training the other day on how to sew... that's right, Momma needs a couple of sewing assistants around here and it's time they earn their keep! (yeah, right!)
Here they are, deep in concentration, working on their sewing cards. Surprisingly enough, Monkey Do was really, really good at this! If you know him you would think he wouldn't have the patience for it, but he was great at it! Actually, they all 3 did really well so there might be something to this "sewing assistant" thing after all!


Parkerson Family said...

Ok, I know you've had a million ideas for getting rid of the paci, but I wanted to share what we did. Someone once told me to look at a farmers almanac calendar at the signs. When the signs are in the knees take the paci away and they won't ask again. So we found out when the signs were in the knees. That morning I took them away and they haven't been used since. Now my girls may have been easy but they were pretty attached. Just thought I would pass that along.

Melissa said...

Thanks Mandy! I have no idea what any of that means... Sadly, I'm not familiar with the farmer's almanac and the stuff in there but you can bet I'm going to look into it!!