Monday, August 31, 2009

Call me Charlotte

Well, it's been a busy month around here. Most of which I haven't blogged about because, well, it's been busy!
One very special event did take place though. Daisy got her 1st tooth!
All I could think about as I looked at that shiny little pearl of a tooth was Charlotte's Web.

Yep, that's weird, I know.

But I love books. Always have and because I taught little people for so long I have tons of great children's books. Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White, a classic, is probably also my favorite chapter book. In fact, Puddin and I have started reading it together at night. It's her 1st chapter book and she is loving it!

So back to Daisy...
As I looked at her tooth I was reminded of this...

"I am sure that everyone one of here in the barn cellar will be gratified to learn that after four weeks of unremitting effort and patience on the part of the goose, she now has something to show for it."
- Charlotte the spider

Believe me, after the days and nights of teething that we went through, Poor Daisy deserved a medal! A speech was the least I could do! This sweet baby girl had such a hard time with the teething! She also is my earliest teether so far!

Thankfully, she is now back to her sweet, easy going self these days.


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