Thursday, September 10, 2009

6 Months

Happy 1/2 birthday to sweet baby Daisy and baby Bud!!
Yes, my sweet little newborns are 6 months old today!
It's hard to believe! We celebrated their 1/2 birthday with a 1/2 birthday cake tonight. The big kids enjoyed it while the babies ate sweet potatoes! They were fine with that.

And in honor of the event sweet and sassy Daisy finally decided to sleep through the night last night! Yes, finally! She actually went 5 hours and 50 minutes before she insisted on needed a bottle! Can I get a woot-woot!!

I'm telling you- it was an answer to prayer! 6 months of feeding that girl every 3 hours was nearly wearing me out! The cutest thing about it though is that even when she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night she puts the biggest, cheesiest grin on her face like she is sooooo happy to see me!
It really is very sweet!
But I am so, so thankful I didn't have to see that sweet little face last night!
I hope that doesn't offend anyone!

I don't have their 6 months stats yet. They won't be going in for the well check until they are 7 1/2 months. I didn't want to make an "extra" trip to the cesspool of infection...aka, the pediatricians office, so I scheduled their well check along with Puddin's 4 year well check on the same day.
Yes, apparently I am a glutton for punishment.
It will be a hard, yucky, tear filled, screaming, temper tantrum filled kind of day, all packed into an hour or so in a tiny 8X8 room.
But, it will be over in 1 trip and won't have to be repeated again for several months! Plus it's one less trip we have to make and that equals one less opportunity for my kids to come home with some sort infection!
So, since I don't have their stats I can share their 4 month stats... Bud was 17.9 lbs and Daisy was 15.5 lbs, I can't remember their length and I don't want to go look it up! Sorry!
Anyway, I can say with confidence that they do weigh even more now and Bud is still heavier and bigger! Daisy also has 2 teeth and Bud has none. They are eating cereal and sweet potatoes so far and guzzling milk by the bottles full! They are both rolling from back to belly but not belly to back (Mommy hasn't allowed for much tummy time with 3 wild ones running around the house... makes me a bit nervous!) They are "talking", "talking", "talking" up a storm! They are also reaching and grabbing for toys, chewing on everything, doing crunches when they lay on their backs and dare I say....whisper... think... sleeping through the night! Oh, I pray last night wasn't a fluke!

Here is a picture snapped tonight just before bedtime....
They are so yummy, sweet! Seriously, always smiling and happy, even when they don't feel well!

And here is one of the whole crew. The first 1 was taken 5 months ago and used in the birth announcement and the second one was taken tonight just before their bath!

All of my babies! My heart hurts sometimes I love them so much!

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Benton Family said...

That last picture makes me just want to scoop all five of them up and kiss every one of their cheeks! Precious, precious, precious!