Monday, September 14, 2009

Pettiskirt Junction

About a year ago I saw an adorable pettiskirt on the web. It came with a not so adorable price. So, I decided to shop around. Surely, these precious little things couldn't be that expensive, I thought! So I waited and waited and waited while I window shopped for the perfect skirt with the perfect price. Sadly, it never came. So, what a momma to do?? Well, if your this momma- you make your own!

I ventured out into the big wide world of fabric and found what I thought would be just perfect, especially since it was marked down 75%!! Woo-hoo! Jackpot! It was the prettiest polyester chiffon... not normally a material I work with but light and fluffy so it looked perfect!

After a bit of trial and effort this little darling was complete and Puddin was a happy, happy girl!

She wanted to wear it everywhere but I kept insisting she take it off to wear it to just the right occasion. Finally, she had her opportunity this weekend! She was invited to a special little friends 5th birthday party. Little Miss I was having a butterfly tea party and Puddin's pettiskirt would match her butterfly wings perfectly!

As I watched Puddin playing at the party, having a grand time with her little friends, I noticed some wispy-ness going on at the bottom of this sweet little skirt. the harder she played

the wisp-ier the skirt became. Not exactly the look I was going for. Hmmm.

This is her mermaidbarbieprincess look that she has put together and LOVES to wear!!
notice the "fray"

After a little research that afternoon, I quickly learned that those pricey pettiskirts I didn't want to buy were made from nylon chiffon, not polyester chiffon. Yes, there is a difference. You see, nylon chiffon DOES NOT fray as does it's crazy, less reliable sister Polyester!
So I then headed off to find some of the Nylon chiffon to correct the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. Once again, the selection of fabric in Murfreesboro was a HUGE let down. I could not find any nylon chiffon in Murfreesboro- anywhere. So, I got creative and bought some knit costume lining in the perfect shade of pink, cut off the bottom ruffle of the precious pettiskirt as Puddin cried, "Momma's tearing up my favorite skirt!", made a new ruffle from the lining and attached it. Finally, no fray!!!
The pettiskirt is complete and perfectly, perfect for Puddin... and at a fraction of the cost!

Please excuse my kitchen mess and counter clutter! ugh!

(Although I do now realize why they charge so much for these skirts. Not only are the beautiful but they really do take a lot of work. All of the cutting and attaching really takes a lot of time!)

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Karie Lee said...

Kenzie has some too. I'm not sure who likes them more though, her or me :) They sure are fun!