Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Princess Puddin and her Prince

These two are as thick as thieves.

While Monkey Do and I hang out in the kitchen and play, usually with Bud and Daisy, these two are usually up to something.
Today, I was informed Monkey See was now her Prince Charming... and then she introduced him... in his unnawe-ah, rain boots and pink Princess Pea crown.
Unnawe-ah translates in English as underwear.
Both boys are potty trained... YAHOOO!! But that's a whole other post entirely!
Anyway, they just looked so stinkin cute I had to snap some pictures!! I love these 2 silly kiddos and I am so happy that they love each other too!


Lynette said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for your sweet comments on my guitar dress...i'm so glad people actually liked it! Thanks so much!!!


Kellie said...

Love it! I wish my two oldest were still like that. Enjoy everymoment you can. Its good that you take these pics, that way they can look back and know that hugging one another didn't kill them. :)
I will need a little Puddin Pop Baby and a little blanket to match if that is possible. The baby is due in Sept. Just let me know when you have it ready. I can give you colors or any info you need. You have my email, you are working on 3 dolls for me now for my mothers day present.