Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bike ride anyone?

Last week little Daisy was pretty sick. She ran a super high fever for several days. And usually, when my children run a fever they will break out in a rash at the end of it. My first experience with this was when Puddin was a baby. I was scared to death! I just knew she had measles or something equally terrible! Our pediatrician (we had a different one then- she was just as great as the one we have now, but moved on to bigger pastuers...anyway...) said that some children tend to break out in a rash after a high fever as a sign that the virus is leaving the body.

So, that has been the case for all of my kiddos, but usually it is a mild rash. The first experience with Puddin was pretty severe and up to this point, had been the most severe case we had experienced.

Until Daisy.

Daisy brought a whole new meaning to rash... poor thing bypassed the road to rash-ville and went straight to the hives!
This picture was taken when she woke up on Sunday morning. By that evening she was covered in hives and was red as could be!

While I felt terrible to see her look like this, I was grateful that I knew immediately what it was and was happy that at least I knew the virus was leaving- Yay! No more fever!!
It also doesn't itch- it just looks terrible.

So we I got a crazy idea that we should go do something fun.
It was a beautiful day so we decided to load up the kids and their bicycles and go ride bikes on the Greenway!

Do not be fooled by these pictures! I seriously should have taken an after shot!

While we had fun, Daisy was still really crabby (AGH!!!), there were a lot of hills (it too ha-ard!), and my children have short little legs (I'm ti-wed!). Combine that with the sunshine (it's hot!) And the "dehydration" (I'm firsty!), and of course the lack of nourishment ( I need a NACK!!) and you have our first trip riding bikes on the Greenway!!

*Note to self- practice some more before you take them without Hubby and practice staying on your side of the road!

Since we have never done this we looked like quite the motley crew taking up the whole path as other's were trying to enjoy the day themselves!

All in all, we had a great day.

Oh- and Daisy's rash hives, well they were in full force by the next day! The poor baby looked terrible. She was covered from head to toe. Thankfully they have gone down today and she is looking much better.
So, dare I ask?? Bike ride anyone??


Katie said...

Whoa, I am glad you knew what the hives where for cuz I would have totally freaked out! I miss the greenway!

plaxico6 said...

Poor little Daisy! At least you know what the rash is all about. :) Looked like a beautiful day to ride bikes! Great family memories being made :)

Patty said...

Yikes poor Daisy! Glad she's better :)