Thursday, April 1, 2010

The last of the Easter bunny deliveries...

These little beauties were for two sisters... I love the colors the mommy chose... and the precious! I hope your girls like them Kait!

This is the 1st time I've ever used this verse and I **LOVE** it!

This little guy went to Oceanside Ca. this week.
His daddy is in the military and can't be there for his little guy's birthday. So we put together this sweet little pint size PPK as a special gift from his daddy.
I think it's great that he is even wearing camo!!

another beautiful verse used for the 1st time!

Cousins!! These little sweeties were made to coordinate with another cousin that is already at her home. These little girls will be spending Easter together. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of all 3 little girls with their PPK's! What fun!!

Sweet face!

beautiful verse!
These little ones were so fun to make! I loved the colors and the skirts matched perfectly with the PPK's! (I love it when that happens... remember- I like my kiddos to match! Ha!)
Big sister

little sister
Mommies- I hope you all loved your PPK's!
Have a beautiful Easter!!!


Kait said...

We love ours. My girls are watching cartoons with them right now. :-)

plaxico6 said...

LOVE all of the new PPK's. Thanks for taking the time to share pics of them with us! :)