Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Award

Wow- my first award!

My friend, Katie was so sweet to give me this award...especially on a day that I don't think I really deserved it! Katie has a great blog with lots of great decorating ideas. She and her family recently moved to Chicago and she has been completely redoing her house! I love it! She does some really cool stuff too! So if you need some decorating inspiration go visit her blog! She's got some cute kiddos too!!

Anyway, one day last week I got this message from her about getting this award. I was honored but I felt a ton of guilt because just a few hours earlier I was wanting to make this face at a grumpy granny in Hobby Lobby that hurt my feelings! Ha! Aren't I a big baby?! Since Puddin has some great facial expressions I think I'll use her to tell this story. Because, believe me, I was all over the place!

I was in Hob Lob for he umpteenth time last week with the entire crew no less, because I was finishing up our birthday party shopping. Anyway, the kids were GREAT! They had been perfect the entire time... no meltdowns, poopy pants or crying...perfection!

So we get to the checkout lane and this is how I'm feeling...

However, one mean snipey comment made me want to do this.... You see, grumpy Granny was checking out in front of me, with a baby of her own no less. Probably her grand baby if I had to guess. And that sweet little baby was screaming to beat the band. (Looking back now, I guess she was taking out her stress on me.) The baby couldn't have been very old, just a couple of months but she was SCREAMING! So the boys noticed and started to say, "Momma, dat baby cwyyy-in!". I told them I guessed she was hungry or tired but she would be ok. Granny turned around and snapped, "She's not hungry, it's not time for her to eat. She's just WET!"


That was a bit of an over reaction but now, I realized we should not comment on the screaming baby in front of us because Granny was at the end of her rope. I know it can be frustrating when you have an upset baby but, seriously, don't frighten the other children!

So, as my children drew in closer to me I tried to quiet them even though they were only concerned for the still screaming baby in front of them when she turned around and looked at me US. I mean she eyeballed us up and down.

And then it happened. The same line we hear most places we go, "Are they ALL yours?" (but hers was very snipey!) Most people are nice when they say this, and truly I have only experienced one other person that made me want to make this face at them but that story is for another day!

Anyway, my response, while still smiling? "Yes, they are!"

Her reaction?

"I am so glad I'm not you! Umph!" Then she turned grabbed her bags and marched out of there.

So now I am internally going through these emotions while my children look at me for their cues...

I of course, played it off, cool as a cucumber...

But, truly, my feelings were hurt. It was as if her words were some sort of "grade" on my children... like they weren't good enough. Now, I know that is not true in any way.
Even if my kids hadn't been standing there so still with their halo's shining brightly above their sweet little heads, it still wouldn't have been true.
If they had been the ones screaming their little lungs out, or smelling up the place with their poopy pants, her reaction to us STILL wouldn't have been true.
But, mean words are still hurtful, no matter how old you are. I just wish my children didn't have to experience it. Often times people speak before they think and mean people are a part of this world, unfortunately.
So, we finished our transaction, smiled at the cashier and other customers, said goodbye to Hob Lob for the day, and went to the van with smiles on our faces.
I also said a few silent prayers for her and that little sweety she had with her. We could all use extra prayers now and then. I have since prayed that God would help me be less defensive when comments like that come my way too.
Oh, and just in case you wondered about my response. I didn't realize what I had said until it was too late... remember the roller coaster of emotions I was going through? Apparently, out of my mouth came,
"We'll we're pretty happy so I'm glad you're not me too!"
I meant that in the nicest way possible.
And then I come home, still thinking about the grumpy granny, and get a sunshine award! Ha!
Thank you Katie, an answer to prayer! The next time I feel myself reacting to a meanie in public I'll remember your sweet award!


Katie said...

Well your welcome. Did you ask that lady if she was from Chicago. If not tell her to move up here she would fit right in.

Benton Family said...

Your children are the most beautiful kids--it saddens me that child had to go home with her. Your kids are blessed beyond words to live the life they do and have a mom as amazing as you!

You are a role model to moms all over of how to do things with grace--love that about you! Love your precious kids!