Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girl Eggs Only!

Puddin 4/1/10

Today Puddin had an Easter party at preschool.
It was precious!

Skip to my Lou had a great idea with these cupcakes! Easy too!

First, they had breakfast and then they had an egg hunt.

Her teachers are brave, I tell you.

When I was teaching we saved all that fun stuff for the end of the day when we could send everyone home all hyped up!

close up of the bunny cupcake... she has a free printable too!

Anyway- she insisted on wearing a smocked dress with bunnies on it.
Everyone else was dressed casually, as I suspected.

She had her fill of donut holes at breakfast, as did her brothers... we travel in a pack remember? Bud and Daisy blinded by the beautiful sunshine!

Monkey See... charming his mommy!

Monkey See and Monkey Do hunting for the perfect flowers for Mommy!

Then it was time for the egg hunt.
Here are the children lined up.
Poor Puddin, unless she is dealing with her brothers, she in not an aggressive child. So, she was at the end through the gate. In fact I think she held it open for about half the class.

Anyway, I noticed she was being selective about her egg choices while the other kids, just as one would suspect, were not. For the other children, it was a mad dash to get as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

I encouraged her to pick some up off of the steps when I realized she had left one behind.

Sooner than you could say "Happy Easter!" the eggs were all gone and the kids were going over their loot. Puddin looked a little concerned. So I walked over to see what was wrong.

This is how our conversation went:

Mommy: What's wrong?
Puddin: I just don't understand why they don't have more eggs out here?
Mommy: Well, they had a lot of eggs, remember?
Puddin: Yes, but not enough for me!
Mommy: Well, why did you pass over so many eggs instead of picking them up?
Puddin: Well Mommy, (all of the other mommies are now listening to my smocked Easter dress wearing, four year old in preschool, with the gaggle of siblings near by) those weren't girl eggs! I only like girl ones!
Mommy: ????
Other Mommies: hehehehe!
Mommy: What do you mean girl eggs? (as I look into her basket and see 4, yes 4 eggs. 1 purple, 2 pink and 1 shiny gold)
Puddin: You know, the pink ones and the sparkly ones. Ya know those are girl ones and those are the ones I like.

Oh my!

I was then informed by her teacher that most of the time she will only use pink paper at school too. Ugh! I think we created a girly-girl monster!!

Here is a picture of her and her bestest friend...polar opposites if there ever were any, but oh how they love each other!
Puddin checking out M's basket.
Hmmmm... maybe I should get a better game plan next time!

All is well! M was very sweet and told Puddin, "Well, it's ok if you only got 4 eggs, they are really pretty ones!"
Just for the record- Puddin came home with more than 4.
Her teachers divied them up after the egg hunt.
Puddin was really happy to see that some how she had lots of eggs when she came home!

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