Thursday, April 22, 2010


** Naomi, I can't find a way to get in touch with you so email me (mhudspeth at msn dot com) and we will get your order going! Thanks for responding!!!
A few days ago I received a couple of questions about ordering on the comments and when I went to reply....something it happened... and they were gone!
So, if you were one of those people please know I am not ignoring you...I just can't find you! So if you still want to order please send me another message!
Remember when I teased you about my new love??
Well, this is it!!

A super soft and snuggly blanket! I have made these before, but this time I added a little something to it. I added a brown trim all the way around the patchwork, then added the taggies. I LOVE it!
Now I wish I had done Bud and Daisy's blankets like this!

Much like the PPK's you can personalize these as well. This one has a sweet baby's name in the bottom corner and here is his verse...

Such a beautiful verse!
Anyway... these sell for $40 and if you are interested in a custom blanket please contact me. Sadly, I do not have any in stock right now... my stock is EMPTY of everything.
Which brings us to the "business" portion of this post. I must rebuild my stock and I can't do that while taking custom orders and maintaining my life... a girls gotta sleep sometime.
So, I am going to stop custom orders for the first 3 weeks of May so that I can focus on sewing for the shop. That way if you email me at the last minute needing something I can get it to you quick!
So, if you are going to need/want anything for May/June.... you might want to message me soon.
:) Happy Thursday!

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Naomi said...

Hi Melissa!
I was one of the people that sent a message inquiring about placing an order? I just wasn't sure where to send you the info and exactly what info you'd need? I have a niece with a birthday at the end of June and am thinking of ordering one of your Puddin Pop Kids for her.
Thank you,