Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's in stock??

I've had several orders come in lately and lots of questions about what colors and fabrics I can use to make the PPK's and aprons. I thought it might be easier to just post what I have in stock for you. Hope this helps!

chenille fabric is pink, cream, and blue (used to make the bodies of the Puddin Pop Kids)

minky dot in stock (also used to make the bodies of the PPK's) Available in pink, yellow, blue, cream and hot pink. Limited supply of baby blue left).

Micro fleece (also used for bodies. Very similar to minky dot but without the dots). Available is pink, blue and green.

This fabric is available for the PPK skirts. The last fabric is a little harder to see. It's actually chocolate and hot pink polka dots.

Fabric for the PPK boy's overall's... plaids and gingham. Not pictured: red gingham.

fabric available for little girl's aprons. Hot pink/ green, Turquoise/brown, pink/brown. Not pictured: limited supply of pink/ white polka dots.

The other question has been about price... the Puddin' Pop Kids are $25 for a custom doll and $20 for dolls already in stock. Apron's are $12. Baby Quilts (not pictured in this post) are $40 and can be customized to meet your needs.
Please contact me if you have any other questions. If you leave a message in the commnet box it will be sent directly to me and I will answer asap.
Have a great night!

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