Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The results are in!!!

Wow! What a busy day it has been for our family! Thank you to all of you who "voted" on my little poll!!! I thought it was fun to check back and see what you thought! For those of you who voted for the boy/girl combo... you were RIGHT!!! We are so excited to announce that we are indeed having a baby boy and a baby girl! We stopped on the way home form our appointment today and picked up a couple of balloons for the kiddos to remember this day and also as a way of telling our parents who were patiently waiting for news at our house.

We had a few scarey moments when I was being scanned and the tech said to Puddin, "Well, you've got a little boy!" Apparently, I had not prepared our tech enough, although I had warned her of the expectations that Puddin had. Anyway, Puddin's reaction was a bit dramatic (of course!) She immediatly started to yell, "No bruders!! I don't want no bruders!! I want baby sisters!!" Poor thing was on the verge of tears so immediatly we swung into action trying to calm her. I reminded her that we still had 1 more baby to see and it MIGHT be a girl but that her baby brother would love her very much! I also reminded her that even Dora(the Explorer) has a baby brother and a baby sister and they are SUPER babies! That seemed to help a little. As they were scanning baby A (boy's) heart Puddin noticed the chambers as they were beating and they sort of look like they were waving. This is where she seems to soften up a bit more to him. She notices the "wave" and says, "oh, my new baby bruder is wavin at me!" SO SWEET!!!

Next our teach moved on to check baby B. Anxiously awaiting the news does not adequatly describe what was going on in that little room. I think hubby and I were both holding our breath afraid of what might happen if Puddin didn't get at least 1 sister. Even the tech said, "You know, the odds are against you right now!" GREAT!! THANKS!! But GOD answers prayers and HE new we needed another sister for our family! She checked the baby, and I was watching. She double checked and triple checked before she made the announcement. Finally she said, "It looks like your gonna get a girl!" Poor Hubby was so nervous, I think he was afraid to believe her. He kept saying really, are you sure? But not Puddin, "YAY!" was her reaction and then she started to jump up and down in the room! What a relief!!! We are so excited to have both of these precious babies! I know they will be such blessings to our family!!Below is a picture of Puddin, Monkey See and Monkey Do with their balloons. Oh- If I had only had my camera with me during the ultrasound to capture the looks on her face throughout the experience! Priceless!

So many of you have asked about their names so we thought we'd share what we have so far...The last 2 pictures are of our sweet babies Shepherd and Emery. Have a great night!!

Baby Shepherd... blowing kisses!

Baby Emery...sucking her thumb!


Mom of three said...

Oh, my goodness!! I think Shepherd looks an awful lot like Deacon!! (At least this very early picture!) How sweet! Baby Emery is precious, too!

We are thrilled for you all!!

Aunt Christi

Katie said...

How precious! Shepherd and Emery are so blessed to be entering into such a sweet family.

Melanie said...

Congrats, Melissa & Family!!