Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresh Fall Leaves

Today was a fun day. We spent a little time runing errands this morning then just relaxed and had fun in the beautiful weather. What a perfect fall day! At first we were going to visit the Oaklands Mansion for our annual romp in the leaves but after driving by and seeing that most of Murfreesboro had the same idea, I decided it would be much more fun to play in our own leaves, in our own backyard. So we headed to Walmart for a rake and then home for some fun. I have to say, the leaves were falling as fast as I could rake them and Puddin was so excited!! The birds were making tons of noise and catching the boy's attention. I raked, and raked and raked until finally we had 2 decent piles that I could combine together and then the kiddos started jumping! What fun they had!! And of course, me, being the mommy that I am, thought, "What a great Christmas card this would make!"... remember once before when I mentioned photo ops and how hard they are with multiple children??? Well, once again I experienced the frustration of the perfect picture not happening! I could never get all 3 kiddos looking at me at the same time!! And then, the camera dies! Dead battery! Oh well! It was all worth it! We sure had a lot of fun!!
Enjoy the pics!

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