Sunday, November 16, 2008

Princess Dreams

I love my Puddin. She is such a joy and everyday I am so grateful to be her mommy! Each day I get to see more and more of her personality develop. She definitly has her favorite things. Right now they include:
1. Princesses (anything princess related)
2. Her friend M*****n. She LOVES playing with her!
3. Going to church
4. Her new babies, especially her sister.
5. Her family
Now let me say, princesses usually rank #1 but the rest can be interchangable depending on her mood. This weekend my mom was talking to her about when her new baby sister gets here. She told Puddin that they could be princesses together and baby Emery could share her princess dresses. This was quickly met with a stern frown and reply, "NO! I will wock the door!" (When she plays with her toy princess dolls she goes in her room where her sweet, little brothers can't get them and run... which they like to do quite often! Who would have thought terrorizing your sister would start so early??)

Anyway, I quickly explained that it would be a while before Emery would be able to play princess with her and that Puddin's princess dresses would be much too big for her. I would have to buy Baby Emery her own little princess dress. That satisfied her and she was fine. Anyway, I say all of this to tell you that she apparently dreamed about it last night! This morning Hubby went upstairs to wake up the kiddos and start the "Sunday morning rush to get to church on time" craze. As he was waking Puddin he said she suddenly said to him, "Daddy, I am a princess and I'm gonna play princesses with my new baby sister and my mommy is gonna buy her a wittle princess dress!" SO, SO Sweet!!! Oh how I pray that she and Emery have a strong bond and will be close as they grow up! She loves her little sister and her little brothers so much! Tonight she even sand a song to Baby Emery and Baby Shepherd and ended with "I wuv you soooo much!"
My heart melts!

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