Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things are looking up!

Whew! What a year this has been.
Stomach virus and this crazy fever virus have just about done me in.
Bud was the last to contract the "fever".

It has lasted 41/2 days so far. The worst day his fever was up to 103.8.
poor thing just felt terrible.
His fever got so high I ran him a lukewarm bubble bath.

Our version of "bubble bath is bubbles from the sky.
They love it!
I just fill up the bubble machine and turn it on.
Watching the bubbles fall is relaxing.
I think it helps distract them from feeling so terrible!

Finally, today he seems to be on the mend. He is fever free at least- finally! YAY!!!
Remember the scene from the ya-ya sisterhood when Ashley Judd's character is dealing with 3 screaming, puking kids all at once???
I remember seeing that and thinking- my stars! What a nightmare.

And I'm sure it was.

BUT, having 5 small children with a virus spread out over weeks at a time is no day in the park either. I have literally been holding someone for days on end. All the while, trying to tend to the other 4 children and cancel appointments left and right.

But, I am optimistic! I shouldn't complain. After all, my children are healthy and can fight off virus' and even though it has been a long few weeks somehow I think having them all sick at once would have been harder. It most definitely been harder to comfort them if they were having to share my lap.
So, things are looking up!
I still have high hopes for 2011. Everyone is fever free!!! hallelujah!!!
If you think about us though, please pray for good health in the
upcoming days for my little family.

Now, time to crank back up that sewing machine and get some Puddin Pop Kids ready to ship!!

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