Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day and frustration

But not necessarily in that order... or together.

Let's start w/ frustration, shall we?

This little darling is a mess. All of the time... a full blown mess. Bless her heart, she is precious and sweet and loving and giving and willing to share, even when she is up to no good, which is a lot these days. She would make a perfect spy one day because she is quiet, calculating and quick.

Don't let the sweet smie fool you, trust me when I say, she gives a whole new meaning to crafty. Truly, she keeps me on my toes. I have to stay two steps ahead of her at all times, and when I don't, she ends up eating half a canister of sugar.... but that's another post.

Anyway, yesterday after she and her brother went down for a nap I let the trio stay up and make their valentines for their party on Monday. They worked so hard ad did a great job. After they cleaned up and laid down I started the treats to go w/ their valentines. Each one is taking a different valentine so they had different coordinating valentines treats for their friends.

Yes, it was right after lunch and they were pretty much wearing their PJ's
or underwear. Oh, and BBQ sauce. :) Busy day.

Monkey See's valentine treats were probably my favorites. I just loved how simple and cute they were. (and easy too). I made sure after everything was made I put it all away so that little hands couldn't get into them.

Fast forward to this morning. My laptop had run out of battery power while I was checking a shipping fee so I went to my office real quick to plug in and finish the email ( 3 minutes, tops).
When I walked back in the kitchen my littlest darling had scaled the counter tops, found Monkey See's valentine treats that were packaged in a box, opened it and was eating them. Of course she was sharing them with Bud, but still- she was eating them!! And poor Monkey See was beside himself, upset.

So now we have some half eaten valentine treats and the rest are a sticky mess covered in toddler finger prints. I only had enough for the class so their are no extras. And since they are made with a seasonal Christmas item, I can't make more because they are out of stock!!!


So it's back to the drawing board. But, my Monkey See will have something special to take, I will just have to wait and whip it up Sunday evening when there is less of a chance Daisy can get her grubby little paws on them!


Now to the valentine section of this post... It seems with every holiday I'm a little late to the party and miss posting about my decor. Since this isn't a home decorating blog, I guess it's no big deal. But, my children love to decorate for holidays and I like to do that stuff too so I thought I'd show you a little of what we have done.
Now, in my b.c. years (before children), I didn't decorate for valentines day (except in my classroom) and I don't think I knew anyone else who did either. But as with a lot of things that were b.c., that has changed.

So here ya go... A little valentines day decor...

We also hung up some of the birds from Puddin's last party and made a melted crayon valentine bunting but, I didn't get any pictures of those.

ok- here's hoping I can get something as a replacement for my little guy before Monday morning!

And a frustration free weekend for all of us!
Happy Friday!

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