Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

So, it's Sunday night, the house is quiet, except for the hum of the dish washer... yes, it was finally installed! Not by me, or hubby. With more sick kids than we can arms our very kind neighbor came to the rescue!

So, this weekend Bud and Daisy were still under the weather. Seriously, all January we have struggled with sickness. It has just passed itself from one child to the next, then morphed into something new and gone around again and again!

Enough already.

Send me to the online store where I can buy some child sized bubbles, please!

Anyway, since they were still sick we stayed put and nursed the children. Puddin and Daisy played dress up.

Daisy has become Puddin's life sized doll. She is a willing participant as long as she gets to hang out in Puddin's room. And as long as she's willing to be dressed up, Puddin lets her hang out in her room. It's a win-win for both o them.

AND, since Daisy is such a busy, busy girl, It's a win for me too because I know where she is at and I know she's not making mischief. Because believe me, if there is mischief to be made- Daisy is most likely making it! She is a stinker for sure! But she sure is cute!

Monkey Do has also found a new "band mate" in Daisy. She scooped up Puddin's guitar after their last dress up session and she and Monkey Do started "rockin out".... yes, they did!
Watch out Partridge family!

Speaking of music... this is the littles newest obsession... It's really kind of cute! Wholesome with catchy melodies...

Monkey See spent some time behind the camera. He is such a doll!!! And such a snuggler. If I'm sitting he's usually in my lap. It reminds me of when he was an itty bitty baby and all of the "date nights" we had in the NICU.

And Bud, well, his newest comfort item comes in the form of plastic. That would be a plastic DVD cover. He loves them. Any DVD cover will do- he's not picky, but does prefer those with Barney or Dora on them. He looks at them and "reads" them more than books. If he's crying, give him a DVD case and he's a happy little guy.

And me, well, see for yourself.

Apparently the repetitive motion of lifting my children has caused some inflammation in my wrist. Official diagnosis is "overuse which led to tendinitis". I'm supposed to wear this brace for 3-4 weeks. It has happened before. Usually I have to get a steroid shot in my wrist but I'm opting this time to see if I can go without that. There's nothing quite like getting a long needle stuck in your wrist while 3 of your curious children clamor around you and the doctor to get a better view.
Oh the stories I could tell...
But those will have to wait for another night. Chicken pecking in a brace is hard stuff and I've got a bit more sewing to do tonight.
I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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